~ The Golden Sands of Time ~

Because sometimes a stray arrow can unleash the vortex of time and suddenly the world can change from the familiar place we know to an unknown and unexplored territory. It is then that we must listen to the voice of our heart from wherever it may come and follow it wherever it may take us.

Because there are times when we come to the realization that the only way to follow the path that leads us to our future is turning around to look at the past... and the endless falling of the sands of time is a constant reminder of what we had and what we've lost, even if the memories in our mind are like the images of a long forgotten dream but the feelings in our hearts are too powerful to be denied.

Because there are times when our lives become a battlefield for our mind and heart... because there are times when nothing in the world makes sense and only our dreams seem real.

And because sometimes the only way to find the way home is to close our eyes and believe in the impossible... and sometimes only death can bring life...

That is when you find that when love is your greatest weakness, you are the strongest person in the world.


The Golden Sands of Time is a story originally written between November and December of 1995. It was Ali's first appearance in a story and with it a whole new universe started; a universe that's been getting wider and brighter as time has gone by. Now, eight years later, Nevi Publishing is proud to present the remake of Ali's very first story ever.

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